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Operating since 2009, founded by experienced door insert specialist Andrew Sobiev. Lusso Glass strives to deliver best possible quality product within comfortable budget limits.
With Lusso Glass You get to choose all the details of your insert: the ironwork style, the glass texture, the trim finish and many more. After that, we make your insert for You following our highest quality standards. We want You to have your Own insert, not just another boring generic mass produced one.
"What I have found during years of working in this industry is that a lot of companies only care about making a quick sale. They will make You pick one insert out of ten styles in a catalogue, grab their deposit and off they go, to knock on more doors, to make more cash for themselves.
Who likes seeing identical door-inserts one house after another, when You drive down the street? You change your doors to add character to your house. What’s the point of getting exactly same inserts everybody else have? Individuality matters"
A. Sobiev. Owner of Lusso Glass

Try us and see the difference Yourself.