Installing the Door Inserts


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The installation process differs, depending on size of the insert, type of it and many other factors. It should be done by a professional, who knows how to deal with glass and has necessary knowledge and experience in door and window industry. Using proper tools and following safety regulations is a “must”, which is why we strongly recommend to leave installation to us and enjoy the great result.
The goal of this page is not to create a HOW-TO installation guide, but rather explain how much difference a proper installation makes.
We do it right from start to finish. The opening in the door is cut to exact size, the insert itself is levelled, sitting straight in the door. The seal around the frame is airtight. After putting the insert in, we make sure that the door is closing properly and realign it if needed.
Installing a sidelite or a transom is a delicate process, that involves careful unassembly of the trimming and replacement of the sealed unit(window) inside. Properly sealing the window is crucial to ensure, that the house stays warm.
Another important part of installation, that is often skipped by some amateur installers is doing all the finishing touches: driving nails into the wood and filing up nail holes, so they don’t show; caulking inside and outside of the window and many other little things, that really matter for that nice finished look.
That’s what sets Lusso Glass apart – the little extras we do to bring the job closer to perfection. Try us and You will see it Yourself.