House Script Address


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Script address is a great new way to add personality and style to your house.
Our addresses are manufactured according to highest standards and are second to none in quality and appearance.
Our addresses are made out of solid aluminum 3/16 of inch thick with industrial high precision laser cutting. Thanks to metal’s strength our script is very durable and lightweight. It will also never ever rust.
Special high durability paint is used to give it that rich gloss black finish, that stands out on any surface. That paint will never fade or run, You can actually power-wash your address without being worried, that something will happen to it.
Our unique mounting system uses solid aluminum mounting pins, that are screwed into the numbers surface from behind. They are well hidden and provide appropriate support for the address. Using different pins we can mount it practically on any surface.
So why pay for fake looking stickers or cheap plastic imitations, when You can get something, that looks great, can withstand all the punishment mother nature throws at it and will last You as long as your house does.
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